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User Policy

The users who would like to use services provided by Thai Sohwa Service Co., Ltd (hereinafter, “Thai Sohwa” ) must accept the following policy, terms, and conditions.

Section 1

The user of Thai Sohws’s service must read and accept the following policies. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the user who failed to read the polies.

Section 2

2 or more days before reservation date, within business hours: cancel for free
After business hours 2 days prior or during business hours 1 day prior to reservation day: THB1,000
After business hours the day before the reservation: 50% of Basic Fee
On the reservation date 100% of Basic fee

Section 3

Thais Sohwa has a right to delay, postpone, or cancel the service due to the following reasons:

1) Deterioration of a traffic flow due to natural disaster or road situation.
2) Temporary blocking of the roads due to the use of the road by Thai Royal Family.
3) Demonstrations in Thailand.

Section 4

In case that the user is involved in car accident while the user is using Thai Sohwa’s service, the insurance that Thai Sohwa has purchased will cover your damage or loss up to the following amounts:

Coverage for death: THB 1,000,000 /per car involved in accident
Coverage for Injury: THB 500,000 /per car involved in accident

The coverage is based on a per car basis, so the above coverage will be divided by the number of passengers (excluding the driver).

The insurance will be provided to the users who notify the full names (same spelling as used in their passport) of all the passengers before the use date (with Mr/Ms).

Section 5

Smoking or drinking inside the vehicle is prohibited by law.Any damage to the vehicle caused by the user’s negligence will be recovered by the user’s expense.


Thai Sohwa will not be liable for following:

1) Loss of belongings during the service due to the user’s negligence.
2) Accident caused by the user’s negligence.
3) Cancel or rescheduling due to the delay or cancellation of the transportation companies other than Thai Sohwa.

※It is considered that the user has read the above policy and understand it before the user uses the service provided by Thai Sohwa Service.